Our “Farm-to-Friends” Story

The Birth of BeeKing's

Several years ago I was managing a multimedia design company alongside my brother Allan. It was a fun business but after a dozen years the stress of custom design work and client demands began to wear on me and the business began to struggle.

About that same time, a friend approached me with an opportunity help him with his beekeeping business for a short season. He was looking to retire and move out of country, but the business was too much for him to handle alone. I didn’t really know much about honeybees at the time, but as I began to help my friend position his small business for sale and retirement, I became fascinated with the honeybee, the simple values of the farmer’s market scene and the wonderful community of friends and farmers I met in the food industry.

I studied up on the many different varieties of raw honey and the uniqueness of their flavor, color and scent. I was in awe of the diversity of real, raw honey and I began to wonder why the beauty of this amazing gift of the bees was so difficult to find in the marketplace.

It wasn’t long before my wife, kids and brother were all helping with the business too and we began to see there was something uniquely special about a family business centered around the bountiful gifts the honeybee provides. By helping the honeybee in its struggle to survive, we would be blessed with an abundance of the finest raw honey, beeswax and local pollen to share with our local community.

My brother and I quickly set to work designing a brand for our proposed product line and in the Summer of 2013, BeeKing’s was born in the farmer’s markets of the Puget Sound. We were committed to sourcing our honey from our own beehives and the hives of local beekeepers who we knew and trusted. And so we developed a strategy we call our “Farm-to-Friends” promise.

Word caught on fast to what we were up to and it wasn’t long before we were hiring friends to help our business grow as well. Local grocery stores began partnering with us in hopes of making our local, raw, hand-poured honey even more accessible to our community. In addition to our local honey we released a small line of all-natural body care products made with beeswax.

Even though you can find our products in great local stores, we continue to serve our honey and body-care products in the Puget Sound’s farmer’s markets because of our love for community. You are our friends and we love meeting with you and introducing our newest products to you first. After all, our business was founded on the community relationships we have built over time and we want to share our love of family and friends with everyone we meet.

From the farms to our friends, we hope you enjoy our unique flavors of all-natural honey and experience the joy of honey with every taste.

Farm-to-Friends Promise

Unlike major honey producers who use massive machines to heat, dilute, micro-filter, and mix honey from multiple sources into the all-too-familiar plastic “honeybear” containers that are sold in grocery stores, BeeKing’s focus is on the simplicity of single source varietals and the craft of carefully handling every jar in order to maintain the integrity of the local honey.

Every jar of BeeKing’s honey is:

  • 100% Pure
  • Always Raw
  • Locally Sourced from Naturally Managed Hives
  • Unheated Above Hive Temperature
  • Never Diluted
  • Unfiltered

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