Meadowfoam Honey – 12 oz


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If you’ve ever experienced the “marshmallowy” sweet flavor and aroma of Meadowfoam Honey, you already know that it’s not going to last long. So, while we can’t guarantee everyone who wants it will get a jar, we CAN offer you this opportunity to grab a jar or two (or three) for your home before it is gone until next year.

Put your order in now and we’ll ship it direct to your home for FREE. How is that a bad thing?

Meadowfoam Honey boasts a deep vanilla aroma and the astonishingly unique taste of toasted marshmallows. Known as the crème brûlée of all honey, no other honey in the world compares to this delicate treat. Meadowfoam is a small plant with a white flower grown in the Willamette Valley. It’s an oil seed crop strongly coveted by the cosmetic industry for it’s unique fatty acid that is great for hair and skin. It’s also used as a rotation crop by grass seed growers.

All of our honeys are RAW, NATURAL and PURE, but this one especially, you’ve just GOT to try it!

BeeKing’s is unfiltered and never heated above natural hive temperatures (104°) to preserve its natural authenticity. Your 12 oz jar of raw honey is packaged in a glass jar which is a perfect gift for any occasion.

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