Natural Deodorant

Say “NO” to B.O. with BeeKing’s All-Natural “Beeodorant” – the only Deodorant You’ll Ever Need! Even the strongest odor can’t stand a chance against the smallest touch of our simple-yet-powerful formula of beeswax-based deodorant. Apply it lightly for all day odor-killing protection that is actually good for your body! Our unique formula of hand-crafted, all-natural ingredients is Aluminum Free, Paraben Free and is guaranteed to eliminate odor on contact.


lavender unscented coconut-lime
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You won’t be alone in your success with our Natural Deodorant!

Imagine how good it would feel to eliminate body odor without compromising your natural lifestyle!

Let’s be honest, sometimes the best moments in life make you sweat a little. And that’s okay. It’s the way our bodies work. What’s not okay is using harmful chemicals to fight or disguise the problem, or worse yet, settling for a natural deodorant that only works sometimes and robs your confidence in the moments when you need it most.

You only have one body to live in, but treating your body right shouldn’t mean you have to compromise your confidence. You deserve a better solution.

BeeKing’s natural deodorant was developed with three simple goals in mind: Work with your body to eliminate odor-causing bacteria naturally, using easy to understand ingredients, that last all day long so you can live your best, chemical-free life everyday. As a bonus, our natural deodorant also leaves your skin feeling softer and healthier than ever before.

Our FREE SHIPPING policy makes it easier than ever to try a Natural Deodorant in just a few days:

  • Pick Your Scent: Choose the gently scented Natural Deodorant that fits your personality
  • Use it Lightly: Just a touch or two every day is all it takes.
  • Live with Confidence: After just a week or two you’ll be living with more confidence than ever before…and feeling better about what you are putting on your body too.

Best of all, BeeKing’s Natural Deodorant comes with a 60-Day “Stink Free” Guarantee. If you don’t love it within the first two months, we’ll refund the product cost with no questions asked.

Nobody wants to hear the dreaded words “you need to find a better deodorant” from our friends or loved ones. How many job interviews or date nights have you nervously endured because your deodorant stopped working? How long will you let Chemical-based products rob you of a healthier life?

A better deodorant is just a click away.

Give it a try today and we’ll ship it out for FREE!

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