Natural Lip Balm (Pick 3)

Our Lip Balm is designed to give your lips that desired moisture without leaving them feeling greasy or waxy. It is the perfect blend of protection and softness.


  • Natural Lip Balm Naturally Naked
  • Natural Lip Balm Cherry Vanilla
  • Natural Lip Balm Chocolate Mint
  • Natural Lip Balm Coconut Lime
  • Natural Lip Balm Chai Tea
  • Natural Lip Balm Honey Orange
  • Natural Lip Balm Cranberry Spice
  • Natural Lip Balm Honey Vanilla
  • Natural Lip Balm Egg Nog
  • Natural Lip Balm Candy Corn
  • Natural Lip Balm Apple Pie
  • Natural Lip Balm Pumpkin Pie
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Remember how magical that moment was when you first kissed that “special someone” with dry, cracked lips? Yeah, they didn’t either. Make sure every memorable moment is…well, memorable for the right reasons. BeeKing’s Beeswax Lip Balm is crafted to give your lips moisture. It’s the perfect blend of protection and softness without leaving them feeling greasy or waxy. After all, nobody likes lizard lips.

Naturally good from hive to home – there’s nothing surprising in this lip balm. Made from all natural ingredients:
Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter & Raw Honey.

Naturally Naked: Go on. Try it! You’ll feel like you’re wearing nothing but a smile when you slip on this Au’ Natural blend of raw honey and beeswax. (Though we recommend checking a mirror once before you leave the house…Just in case.)

Cherry Vanilla (Cherry Bomb): It’s okay to get a little wild when you have a ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb on your lips. Just enough natural color to make your lips pop. Moisturizing ingredients that nourish, soothe and protect your lips with gorgeous color. BOOM!

Chocolate Mint (Chocomintastic): Adjective: A delicious blend of the world’s most perfect combination of chocolate and mint flavors prompting tasters to exclaim “Oh My Gosh Yum!”…..repeatedly.

Coconut Lime (Lime In ‘Da Coconut): Now let us get this straight….you put this ‘lime in da’ coconut’ and rub your lips together….Come on, man! Feel the refreshingly cool taste of this tropical beach party dancing like a conga line right across your lips.

Chai Tea (Chai Love You, Tea): Slow Down…Savor…. no one said today had to be rushed. Let the rest of the world race along while you secretly bask in the rejuvenating, calming tones of chai tea. There….isn’t that better? And remember…Chai Love You, Tea

Honey Orange (Honey Orange Bliss): Knock Knock, who’s there?….Honey Orange Bliss. That’s who! This honey infused sweet treat has the fragrance and taste that will love on you all day long. (Orange you glad we didn’t say banana?)

Cranberry Spice: It may not take center plate like el’ turkey, but we think cranberry deserves a bigger slice of recognition. Don’t you? Next time you lick your lips in anticipation of the “big meal” make sure you put a little cranberry spice on first.

Honey Vanilla (Honey Vanillahhhh): Treat your lips to a spa-tastic experience. Vanilla bean and a drop of honey will make your lips so irrisistably soft and sweet that they will think they are on vacation….even if you’re stuck at school or in an office cubicle.

Egg Nog (EggNoggy or Nice): Have a holly jolly Christmas indeed with this holiday nod the the traditional mug o’ eggnog. There’s nothing naughty about opening this gift as early and often as you like (the big, bearded guy won’t mind). Merry Christmas from BeeKing’s to you!

Candy Corn (Candy Corn-ival): Lip balm wearers beware! Don’t be fooled by its cute disguise. This treat is no trick! Inside this mischievous balm hides a seasonal aroma so irresistibly sweet it’s almost scary. No… Really. Very scary…. Boo!

Apple Pie: Ain’t nothin’ sez country like a slice of mama’s good ol’ apple pie. Spread out a blanket under that dreamy summer sky and let the unforgettable flavors of family, love and celebration set off your inner fireworks. Keep it country, y’all with 4th of July Apple Pie Lip Balm.

Pumpkin Pie High: Get a great big jack o’lantern grin whenever you apply a little pumpkin pie high. It’s the magic of harvest pumpkins mixed with cinnamon, warm wishes, cozy sweaters and a dash of Grandma’s love all baked into one and served a la mode.



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